Collection and use of information


This site is operated in compliance with the Government of South Australia's information privacy principles. A copy can be obtained from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet website.

This site uses Google Analytics to monitor traffic and user behaviour on this website. This information is analysed to determine the site's usage statistics. Personal information is not recorded as part of this process.

No attempt will be made to identify users or their browsing activities, except in the unlikely event of an investigation where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the service provider's logs.

Personal information will not be disclosed to a third party except in accordance with the information privacy principles, to prevent or lessen a serious threat to life, health or safety and / or for any purpose permitted by the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 2012 or the Police Complaints and Discipline Act 2016.

There are inherent risks associated with transmission of information via the internet. Users should make their own assessment of the potential risks when making a decision as to whether or not they use this site.

This site contains links to other websites. When a user clicks on a link to another website, they leave this site and this privacy and security statement no longer applies.

The content of this privacy and security statement may be updated from time to time. If the user returns to this site on a regular basis they should carefully read the information provided.

Mailing list

This site uses Campaign Monitor to manage and store the mailing list subscriber information and coordinate the delivery of mailing list emails. Visit the Campaign Monitor website for more information about how Campaign Monitor handles personal information.

Online Learning Portal

The ICAC Online Learning Portal records personal information about users and is hosted by Catalyst IT on servers located in Australia.

For any questions about the ICAC Online Learning Portal, or the software used, please email:


This site uses Acendre (alternatively known as HireRoad) recruitment software to coordinate recruitment. The system is hosted on servers located in Australia, and collects applicant data and documents submitted by applicants for recruitment purposes.

The system stores applicant data and documents submitted within an enterprise content management system. Capture, management and storage of recruitment information is in compliance with the State Records Act 1997 (SA).

For any questions about recruitment, or the recruitment software used, please email