Conflicts of interest have figured prominently in corruption investigations conducted by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

This presentation discusses why the proper identification, disclosure and management of conflicts of interest is necessary to protect the integrity of public administration and why it is a crucial obligation on all public officers.

Who can attend?

This presentation is open to all public officers.

What will the training include?

The one hour presentation draws on hypothetical examples and covers:

  • the main principles of identifying, disclosing and managing conflicts of interest
  • the corruption, misconduct and maladministration risks involving conflicts of interest
  • the activities of public administration most exposed to the risks of unmanaged conflicts of interest
  • frequently asked questions on conflicts of interest.

How to register to attend?

The next Conflicts of Interest in Public Administration session: Contact to register your interest.

South Australian public officers are encouraged to register for the ICAC Online Learning Portal and complete the ICAC Conflicts of Interest courses.

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