ICAC’s internal investigations workshop will assist public officers to conduct thorough and fair internal investigations.

Workshop: What Happened? How to Conduct an Internal Investigation

Senior ICAC investigators and lawyers offer participants valuable tools to ensure internal investigations are properly planned, carried out fairly and focused on truth-finding.

The capacity to conduct thorough and timely internal investigations is essential in preserving an organisation’s integrity. An internal investigation can be used to identify inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour, poor policies and procedures, and failures in process.

Who can apply?

You can apply for a place in this workshop if you are a public officer who is employed by a public authority and you are directly involved in undertaking internal investigations. This might include public officers employed in the following roles:

  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Internal audit
  • Risk and governance
  • Management/leadership


Workshop applicants must have attended the ICAC Seminar: Internal Investigation Concepts & Principles before they will be offered a place in the workshop.

Participants must also have completed general ICAC awareness and obligations training.

If you have not undertaken general ICAC training you are invited to complete our online induction course.


This is a full day workshop that focuses on the practical skills needed to conduct an internal investigation.

The workshop will cover:

  • planning an investigation
  • managing an investigation
  • conducting an interview
  • taking a statement
  • preserving, analysing and interpreting evidence
  • preparing an investigation report

ICAC will review applications to determine eligibility for a workshop place. Places will not be offered to commercially engaged contractors.

If you have any queries regarding your suitability or eligibility for the workshop, we encourage you to email us at education@icac.sa.gov.au