On 25 January 2023, Commissioner Vanstone announced an evaluation of the practices, policies and procedures of a number of public authorities in relation to grants administration.

This important function is performed by many public authorities in South Australia. It involves the distribution of public money to eligible recipients to support business and innovation, provide emergency relief, aid projects and enrich communities. Grants programs vary in their purpose, monetary value and intended recipients.

Grants administration is a function that is to vulnerable corruption by the public officers administering them and by grants recipients.

The evaluation will consider the way in which a number of public authorities administer grants and will involve an audit of specific grants programs. The Commission will assess whether the practices, policies and procedures employed by public authorities that administer grants appropriately guard against corruption.

The evaluation will involve requesting and reviewing information from public authorities, speaking with relevant parties and inviting submissions.

The Commission’s observations and recommendations will be published in report to Parliament, which will be delivered by the end of the year.