On 4 April 2022, the Independent Commission Against Corruption commenced an evaluation of the practices, policies and procedures of TAFE SA.

TAFE SA is South Australia’s largest vocational education and training provider, delivering courses to more than 60,000 students.  It engages around 2000 staff and operates 30 campuses across the state.

On 21 March 2023 the Evaluation of practices, policies and procedures of TAFE SA report was tabled in Parliament and published on the Commission's website.

The report was prepared in accordance with sections 40(3) and 41(2) of the ICAC Act 2012.

Evaluation of practices, policies and procedures of TAFE SA

TAFE SA report cover

Terms of reference

The evaluation will examine:

  1. The extent to which TAFE SA’s governance framework adequately guards against the risks of corruption.
  2. TAFE SA’s practices, policies and procedures in respect of:
    1. Human resources management
    2. Procurement and contract management
    3. Asset and facilities management

    and whether those practices, policies and procedures provide effective controls against corruption.

  3. The manner in which TAFE SA claims and reports on the subsidy payments it receives from government.

  4. The framework in place to manage relationships between staff and students and whether those processes are adequate to guard against inappropriate enrolments, assessments, qualifications, and awards of licenses, certificates, diplomas and associate degrees.

    As a result of information gained in the evaluation so far the Commissioner has decided that it is appropriate to add to those terms of reference as follows:

  5. How TAFE SA guards against the risk of corruption in its commercial activities and engagement with industry, as well as the potential improper commercial exploitation of its resources.

  6. How TAFE SA guards against inappropriate access to, use or dissemination of personal and proprietary information and its practices in respect of records management.