01 November 2015

Rationalising wrongdoing

People generally like to think of themselves as inherently good and honest and for the most part this is probably true. However, the majority of people have at some stage... NEWSLETTER

01 November 2015

Cab charges - What could possibly go wrong?

The introduction of Cab Charge in the seventies was somewhat of a mini revolution of convenience in local business travel. You could attend meetings and functions by hailing a cab,... NEWSLETTER

06 May 2019

Public Interest Disclosures: A new Act in town

Published on 6 May 2019Late last year the South Australian Parliament passed the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2018 (PID Act). The PID Act has not yet commenced operation but when... NEWSLETTER

24 January 2020

The Health report

In early December the Commissioner’s report ‘Troubling Ambiguity: Governance in SA Health’ was tabled in Parliament.The report details the Commissioner’s concerns about the administration and delivery of public health services... NEWSLETTER

10 March 2021

ICAC update - March 2021

Investigation into claims made for the Country Members Accommodation AllowanceCommissioner Vanstone issued a public statement on 7 September, in which she announced she would continue the investigation commenced by her... NEWSLETTER

15 February 2019

Learnings from the SafeWork SA evaluation

On 10 May 2018 the Commissioner announced he would conduct an evaluation of the practices, policies and procedures of the regulatory arm of SafeWork SA. The evaluation concluded with the... NEWSLETTER

01 January 2018

Corruption and corrosion - Same same, but different?

Corruption is one of those terms that people frequently use and generally think they understand. But the everyday social use of the term can be somewhat hard to define precisely,... NEWSLETTER

06 May 2019

Everyone likes fast money... don't they?

Vast volumes of money pass through public administration in South Australia on a daily basis. Thousands of small and large purchases are approved, invoices dispatched, payments processed, goods and services... NEWSLETTER

01 September 2016

Where is the integrity line?

Research tells us that the vast majority of people are disinclined to steal money from their social club chocolate box. However, they might occasionally help themselves to a chocolate. Are... NEWSLETTER

01 January 2017

Why you should sweat the small stuff

The moral code and dishonestyDan Ariely is a Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Economics at Duke University in North Carolina. His recent research focuses on what drives people to cheat... NEWSLETTER

24 January 2020

Change is the only constant

Disruption as an enabler of corruptionAgencies of modern public administration expand, contract, reorganise and reform on a regular basis.It is sometimes not appreciated that times of restructure can provide motivation... NEWSLETTER

12 March 2021

Is there a policy for policy fatigue?

Ordinarily, corruption, misconduct and maladministration risks emerge because of a lack of policy and procedural guidance. However, the opposite can also be the case.Circumstances where policy and procedure are too... NEWSLETTER

09 December 2020

World anti-corruption day 2020

Today marks the United Nations’ annual International Anti-Corruption Day.In recognition of the extraordinary worldwide disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s theme is Recover with Integrity.South Australia has been... NEWSLETTER

15 February 2019

Integrity in public administration - What did the ICAC survey reveal?

In April 2018 the Commissioner commenced a survey which sought to better understand the attitudes and experiences of public officers in relation to integrity in South Australian public administration.The results... NEWSLETTER

12 March 2021

Around the grounds

New South Wales – Independent Commission Against CorruptionThe NSW ICAC has issued two corruption prevention publications that might be of interest to South Australian public officers who deal in procurement,... NEWSLETTER

12 March 2021

The halfway house of police oversight

A reasonable accommodation between oversight and independenceHow to ensure and maintain police accountability and discipline has always been a contested subject.Police forces have traditionally been reticent about calls to establish... NEWSLETTER

12 March 2021

South Australia's new ICAC - The Hon. Ann Vanstone QC

In July last year it was announced that the Hon. Ann Vanstone QC would be South Australia’s next Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC).Commissioner Vanstone has served the administration of justice... NEWSLETTER

01 April 2016

The problem of maladministration

Why it can hurt more than corruptionAs the name suggests, the South Australian Independent Commissioner Against Corruption is charged with stamping out corruption in South Australian public administration. But that... NEWSLETTER

24 January 2020

Around the grounds

Integrity news from across AustraliaIntegrity agencies from other states and territories produce resources and publications that have potential value for South Australian public administration and public officers.You are encouraged to... NEWSLETTER

30 June 2015

Public Inquiries - Legislative reviews completed

In October 2014, the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, the Hon. Bruce Lander QC announced that, at the request of the Deputy Premier and Attorney-General, the Hon. John Rau MP, he... MEDIA RELEASE

29 November 2018

Evaluation of SafeWork SA tabled

The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption’s report on his Evaluation of the Practices, Policies and Procedures of the Regulatory Arm of SafeWork SA has been tabled in Parliament today.The extensive report... MEDIA RELEASE

20 August 2019

In their own words

‘In Their Own Words’ is the second report to be published from the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption’s Public Integrity Survey 2018.In his foreword, the Hon. Bruce Lander QC said the... MEDIA RELEASE

25 June 2018

Public hearing scheduled - SafeWork SA evaluation

SafeWork SA EvaluationThe Independent Commissioner Against Corruption will commence hearing submissions in relation to his evaluation of the practices, policies and procedures of the regulatory arm of SafeWork SA at... MEDIA RELEASE

17 October 2017

2016-2017 ICAC/OPI Annual Report published

This afternoon the Commissioner's fourth annual report and the third covering a full financial year of operations was tabled in the South Australian Parliament.The annual report details key statistics and... MEDIA RELEASE

13 February 2015

Commissioner releases Discussion Paper on Reviews

Review of Legislative SchemesOn 31 October 2014, The Hon. Bruce Lander QC announced that he would undertake a review of the legislative schemes governing the oversight and management of complaints... MEDIA RELEASE