Integrity Matters is a regular newsletter from the office of the Commissioner containing relevant news, education and general interest articles.


Integrity in public administration - What did the ICAC survey reveal?
In April 2018 the Commissioner commenced a survey which sought to better understand the attitudes and experiences of public officers in relation to integrity in South Australian public administration —  the results have highlighted a range of issues that should act as a catalyst for agencies to review their operations.

Learnings from the SafeWork SA evaluation
The evaluation of SafeWork SA identified key learnings, which are relevant to all agencies across public administration.

The benefits of being random
Random audits ensure everyone is open to the possibility of scrutiny which tends to decrease the likelihood or risk of corrupt offending.

Everyone likes fast money... don't they?
Vast volumes of money pass through public administration in South Australia on a daily basis. Thousands of small and large purchases are approved, invoices dispatched, payments processed, goods and services received.

Public Interest Disclosure Act: A new Act in town
Late last year the South Australian Parliament passed the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2018 (PID Act). The PID Act has not yet commenced operation but when it does it will repeal and replace the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993 (WP Act).

Evaluation of the City of Playford
An evaluation of a public authority's practices, policies and procedures is an effective way of assisting a public authority to minimise its risks of improper conduct.