The Commission is perhaps best known for investigating corruption in public administration.

However, the Commission plays a key role in preventing or minimising corruption in public administration. One means of achieving this is by evaluating a public authority’s practices, policies and procedures.

During the course of an evaluation, the Commission works closely with the chosen public authority to identify integrity risks and to recommend changes to address any vulnerabilities. The evaluation is guided by material provided by the public authority and its staff, together with submissions from interested parties, including members of the public.

Past evaluations have focused on risks arising in the areas of human resource management, information management and financial management, as well as examining the operations unique to the public authority being evaluated.

To date, the ICAC has completed four evaluations. All have been well received by the public authorities involved. They have resulted in over 100 recommendations.  While targeted to the public authority under review, many of those recommendations have been broadly applied in the public and local government sectors.

The Commission has recently commenced an evaluation of Super SA and expects to deliver its report by mid-2022.

Previous evaluation reports and further information about the evaluation process can be found here.