Integrity Matters is a quarterly newsletter from the Commissioner's staff containing relevant news, education and general interest articles.

April 2022

From Investigation to Prosecution

Commissioner Vanstone details the Commission's role in the criminal justice process, in particular how an ICAC matter gets to court.

Introducing Mr Paul Alsbury, Deputy Commissioner

Get to know our new Deputy Commissioner and hear his views on integrity in public administration.

What's changed?

Although the South Australian public integrity scheme has changed as a result of amendments made to the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 2012, the expectation that public officers perform their roles to the highest integrity standards, has not changed.


All activities of the Commission aim to have a positive impact on the integrity of public administration. What is the impact of the Commission's corruption investigations?

The nature of public administration: How the role of your agency affects its risk of corruption

The nature and purpose of a government agency determines the corruption risks that it is exposed to. Over the last two decades, there has been a significant shift in the general nature and purpose of public administration, and this has affected the integrity landscape.

Around the grounds

Victorian Police officers falsifying 250,000 breath tests in order to meet quotas, conflict of interest case studies and a former MP found to have engaged in serious corrupt conduct - integrity news from across the country.