Integrity Matters is a quarterly newsletter from the Commissioner's staff containing relevant news, education and general interest articles.

February 2023

Update from the Commissioner

Commissioner Vanstone welcomes the new year with a strong focus on preventing corruption.

National Anti-Corruption Commission

The Commissioner gave evidence before the Joint Select Committee on National Anti-Corruption Commission Legislation. The legislation passed in federal Parliament in December 2022. Watch her in camera evidence.

Inspector appointed

The Commission welcomes the newly appointed Inspector, Mr Philip Strickland KC. Read about the Inspector's powers.

Integrity State

Read Integrity State, the Commissioner's report highlighting 15 corruption prevention initiatives arising from investigations over the past year.

Evaluation of complaints handling in Health

In the report, published in November 2022, the Deputy Commissioner said staff confidence in an agency’s complaints and internal investigation handling process is a barometer of an agency’s culture.

Buy Now Lie Later

The Commission reported on an investigation of two public officers who had allegedly misused credit cards issued by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport.

The investigation found approximately ten per cent of almost 1000 items purchased over three years could not be accounted for. Such allegations are all too common.