Published on 18 October 2022

The Commission’s 2021-22 Annual Report was tabled in Parliament today.

This is the Commission’s first Annual Report since changes to the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 2012 took effect last October.

The changes to the legislative scheme have had a substantial effect on the Commission’s operations. Commissioner Vanstone observed ‘…the speed with which the legislation took effect meant there was little time to plan for these substantial changes, and so there was significant disruption to much of our work and our plans’.

The Commissioner also noted ‘…the staff of what is now the Commission has continued to deliver value to public officers in this state and thereby to the South Australian community, as we continue to enhance integrity in public administration.’ During the reporting period the Commission commenced 50 corruption investigations, a 60% increase on the previous period. It also commenced three evaluations and tabled four reports detailing observations in relation to integrity issues within public administration.

The Annual Report shows that the Commission has continued to deliver on its prevention function, including the rollout of presentations, educational resources and online education programs. During the reporting period the Commissioner sent 17 prevention letters to public authorities outlining lessons learned from investigations.

Prior to the Act being amended, the Commission’s jurisdiction included serious or systemic misconduct and maladministration. No investigations into conduct of this type were commenced, or carried over from the previous year. However, the Commission still has a role to play in matters relating to police misconduct, and investigated three such matters referred to it by the Office for Public Integrity during the reporting period.

As result of the legislative changes, the Commission cannot refer matters directly to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Instead the Commission referred three briefs to South Australia Police for further investigation and potential prosecution. During the reporting period, one prosecution arising from a Commission investigation was concluded. Eleven matters remain before the court.

Media Release - Annual Report 2021-22

Annual Report 2021 - 2022 

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