Published on 6 September 2022

Today the Commission's report on the evaluation of the practices, policies and procedures of Super SA was tabled in Parliament.

The Commission has made 24 recommendations to assist Super SA to address corruption risks arising from the management of human resources, contracts, projects and information.

The evaluation did not investigate any allegations of corruption, nor did it uncover any evidence of corruption. However, Commissioner Vanstone noted, 'the evaluation revealed a number of risks which, if left unaddressed, might enable corruption to occur.'

Many of the issues observed during the course of the evaluation were already known to Super SA, but remained unresolved. Commissioner Vanstone said, 'where vulnerabilities are identified by an agency, particularly in relation to corruption, they must be promptly addressed.'

Although Super SA staff were plainly alive to the external risk of receiving fraudulent claims, they were less aware of internal corruption risks.

Many staff did not understand the value of the Super SA's information assets, including member details and corporate documents. The Commissioner observed that Super SA did not have sufficient controls to detect information misuse and as a result recommended that robust audit logging be implemented.

The Commission has recommended that Super SA establish a staff intranet which acts as a central and accessible repository for the policies and procedures currently stored on network drives.

The Commissioner said, 'many of the weaknesses seen, and observations made in this report are not unique to Super SA. I hope that this report serves as a useful tool to other public authorities and public officers.'


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The publication of this information has been authorised by the Commissioner under section 54 of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 2012.

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