“This morning The Advertiser published an opinion piece by Law Society President, Tony Rossi, which has subsequently raised questions as to whether or not I can investigate a Minister for maladministration. Mr Rossi’s assertions that I can are correct” said Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, the Hon. Bruce Lander QC.

Maladministration in public administration includes conduct of a public officer involving substantial mismanagement in or in relation to the performance of official functions. It includes conduct resulting from impropriety, incompetence or negligence.

“Ministers, just like government executives and staff, are public officers and therefore fall within the jurisdiction of my office.

“I can investigate serious or systemic maladministration in public administration by exercising the powers of an inquiry agency, if I am satisfied that it is in the public interest to do so.

“The ICAC Act defines serious or systemic maladministration as being of such a significant nature that it would undermine public confidence in the relevant public authority or in public administration generally; and has significant implications for the relevant public authority or for public administration generally” said Mr Lander.

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