Your personal information will be managed carefully and in line with relevant legislation.

The ICAC Act prevents the publishing of any information that might identify a person who has made a complaint or report.

If we need to refer your complaint or report to another agency for investigation, it may be necessary to provide your personal details for the purpose of dealing with the matter. We will seek your views on this and take them into consideration before deciding whether your details are provided.

Anonymous complaints and reports

We encourage anyone making a complaint or report to provide us with their name and contact details. Anonymous complaints and reports are more difficult to assess and investigate because we do not have the option of coming back to you for more information. Also, if you do not provide your contact details we cannot inform you of the outcome of your complaint or report.

Members of the public have a right to make an anonymous complaint. However, public officers should provide their contact name and details when making a report.

If your complaint or report is about police, we will need to provide your details to the Internal Investigations Section of SAPOL, unless your complaint or report relates to public interest information, in which case protections might apply.


There are protections in place that prevent a person from being victimised for making a complaint or report to the OPI or assisting the ICAC in an investigation.

There are also protections that exist for informants under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2018 related to confidentiality, immunity from liability and victimisation.

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