Statement by the Hon. Bruce Lander QC
Independent Commissioner Against Corruption

I think it is in the public interest that I make this statement in light of intense media speculation and numerous enquiries made to my office and to other agencies in respect of the subject matter of this statement.

Earlier this month I commenced an investigation into the conduct of a number of Members of Parliament in respect of claims made by them for payment of the Country Members Accommodation Allowance.

I intend to make further enquiries in respect of all claims for the Country Members Accommodation Allowance by any Member of Parliament over the last ten years.

I have discussed with the Auditor-General any activities he may be conducting relevant to the matter to avoid duplication. The Auditor-General has advised me that he does not intend at this time to investigate the matter in light of his office’s statutory responsibilities to audit the financial statements of all statutory public authorities.

In due course the Auditor-General and I will discuss what recommendations can be made for improvements to the manner in which claims are made for an allowance.

This investigation will be conducted in private as is required by legislation. For that reason I do not intend to make further comment.

For media enquiries please contact 0428 389 493 or
The publication of this information has been authorised by the Commissioner under section 56 of the ICAC Act.

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