This afternoon the Attorney-General published a statement in respect of questions concerning Renewal SA executives.

I authorise the media to publish the Attorney-General’s statement.

I do not intend to make any further statement in respect of that matter at this time.

On only one occasion have I previously made a public statement in respect of a corruption investigation where I identified the person the subject of the investigation but where the person was not charged. That public statement was made at the request of the person the subject of the investigation and after the investigation had concluded.

Otherwise I have not previously identified anyone the subject of an investigation during the course of an investigation until after the person has been charged.

The ICAC Act is designed in such a way that a person the subject of a corruption investigation ought not suffer reputational harm until such time the person is charged.

The very purpose of an investigation is to collect evidence. The fact of an investigation is not proof that corruption has occurred. Corruption investigations must be conducted in private. I think that is appropriate.

If I were to make a further statement in respect of this matter there would be an expectation that I would do so in respect of all matters that I might be investigating. That would be inconsistent with the legislation under which I operate.

For that reason I will not make any further statement at this time.

The publication of this information has been authorised by the Commissioner under section 25 of the ICAC Act.


This statement has been amended to correct a typographical error.

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