Statement by the Hon. Bruce Lander QC
Independent Commissioner Against Corruption

This morning my investigators executed five search warrants and have arrested Magistrate Robert Harrap.

Magistrate Harrap has been charged with two counts of deception and one count of conspiracy to commit the offence of abuse of public office and one count of conspiracy to attempt to obstruct or pervert the course of justice or due administration of the law.

It will be alleged that on two occasions between 19 May 2020 and 22 May 2020, Magistrate Harrap misrepresented who was driving his government issued vehicle at the time it was observed committing traffic offences and thereby engaged in deception in order to obtain a benefit for himself.

It will also be separately alleged that between 10 May 2020 and 29 May 2020 Magistrate Harrap conspired with another person to pervert the course of justice and conspired to abuse his public office in relation to a matter that was to be heard by him and was heard by him.

In making this statement I have had regard to the special circumstances of the matter and formed the view that it is appropriate to name Magistrate Harrap as a person arrested and charged as a result of an investigation by my office. This is a departure from my usual practice of not naming individuals who have been charged until they have appeared in court for the first time. In forming this view I have had regard to the matters listed in section 25 of the ICAC Act. In particular, I thought not naming the judicial officer would harm the confidence the community necessarily places in the judicial system.

The investigation is ongoing and it is anticipated that other charges may be laid and other persons may be charged. No other judicial officers have been subject to investigation.

Magistrate Harrap has been bailed to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court at 10am on 6 July 2020.

As this matter is before the court I will not be making further comment.

For media enquiries please contact 0428 389 493 or
The publication of this information has been authorised by the Commissioner under section 56 of the ICAC Act.

This statement has been updated to correct a typographical error.

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