Last week, whilst appearing before a Parliamentary committee, I announced I would investigate the management of care at the Oakden Older Persons Mental Health Facility.

My investigation will be conducted according to the terms of reference that I have today published on the ICAC website.

In conducting this investigation, I need the assistance of members of the public who have anytime in the last ten years, either made a complaint or report about the Oakden facility, or expressed concern to a government agency or public officer about the Oakden facility.

I request those persons to come forward and tell me about the complaint or report they made or the conversation(s) they had, when they did so and to whom they communicated.

You can provide this information via an email sent to . If you are unable to provide information via email, you can call the Office for Public Integrity on 8207 1777.

While I understand that many people in the community will have strong views about this matter, I only wish to hear from people who have direct knowledge of a complaint or report being made about Oaken, or of Oakden being raised as an issue with a public agency or public officer. In this way, we can focus on information that matters to the investigation.

The publication of this information has been authorised by the Commissioner under section 56 of the ICAC Act.

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