Statement by the Hon. Bruce Lander QC
Independent Commissioner Against Corruption

Following on from my public statement of 29 June 2020, I can confirm that on Friday 3 July 2020, three additional people were charged with offences as a result of the investigation that led to Magistrate Harrap’s arrest.

South Australia Police Senior Sergeant Abigail Foulkes and another person whose identity has been suppressed, have each been charged with one count of deception. It will be alleged that both individuals, on separate occasions, in a joint enterprise with Magistrate Harrap, misrepresented who was driving Magistrate Harrap’s government issued vehicle at the time it was observed being used in the commission of traffic offences.

A third person, Catherine Moyse who is a legal practitioner, has been jointly charged with Magistrate Harrap in a separate and unrelated matter, with one count of conspiracy to commit the offence of abuse of public office and one count of conspiracy to attempt to obstruct or pervert the course of justice.

Judge McEwen heard the charges this morning in the Adelaide’s Magistrate’s Court.

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The publication of this information has been authorised by the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption under section 56 of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012

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