Published on 16 June 2022

On 16 June 2022, the Commission’s report entitled ‘Received or Deceived? Managing and monitoring the conduct of government contractors' was tabled in Parliament.

The report, which has been prepared under section 42 of the ICAC Act, identified efforts by suppliers and contractors to conceal their dishonest conduct from public authorities. Public authorities have further enabled this conduct through poor contract management practices and a lack of effective systems designed to ensure they receive what they pay for.

A4, 14 pages, PDF 501KB

ICAC Report - Received or Deceived? Managing and monitoring the conduct of government contractors


As a result of the Commission's investigation and subsequent report, the government has announced an audit of all funded Registered Training Organisations in South Australia. The government will seek evidence based assurances of the integrity of subsidy claims for 158 providers including TAFE and non-TAFE providers.

The Hon. Blair Boyer, Minister for Education, Training and Skills said 'This is a timely course of action. All South Australians must have confidence in our vocational training system. Our state must always have a training system of the highest quality or there will be serious consequences for our economy, individuals and the broader community. This quality blitz will provide that insurance.'

The audit will commence in October 2022.