What can the ICAC investigate?

The ICAC can investigate the conduct of public officers working with or for South Australian state government agencies and authorities, local government and South Australia Police, if the conduct has been assessed as raising a potential issue of corruption as defined in the ICAC Act.

The ICAC can investigate the conduct of:

  • public sector employees
  • employees of local government
  • elected officials
  • police officers
  • judges
  • public educators
  • public health providers
  • government boards
  • people providing contracted services to a public authority or the Crown

The Commissioner decides which corruption matters she will investigate. They are typically the more complex and sensitive matters. All other corruption matters are referred to South Australia Police (or other law enforcement agency) for investigation.

The ICAC can not investigate:

  • the conduct of interstate or federal police
  • issues concerning commonwealth government agencies and authorities
  • issues concerning interstate agencies and authorities
  • judicial decisions
  • the private sector, if the conduct has no connection to South Australian public administration.