ICAC Directions and Guidelines

The Commission is no longer responsible for preparing directions and guidelines for the reporting of corruption, misconduct and maladministration in public administration. An overview of the new directions and guidelines can be found here.

Public Interest Disclosure Guidelines

On 1 July 2019 the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2018 (PID Act) commenced. Section 14 of the PID Act provides that the Commission may publish guidelines for the purpose of that Act.

The Public Interest Disclosure Guidelines are issued in respect of the following:

  1. Receipt, assessment and notification of appropriate disclosures
  2. Notification of action taken
  3. Informant confidentiality
  4. Creation of procedural documents

The guidelines are not a manual of instruction for the administration of the PID Act. Nor are they a substitute for reading the PID Act. The PID Act and these guidelines must be read together. Some general information is contained in this publication in order to assist you in understanding the guidelines.