Integrity Matters is a regular newsletter from the office of the Commissioner containing relevant news, education and general interest articles.

2017 - 2018

Corruption and corrosion - Same same, but different?
Corruption is one of those terms that people frequently use and generally think they understand. But the everyday social use of the term can be somewhat hard to define precisely, even though we commonly say to ourselves about corruption that, 'we know it when we see it'.

Public integrity is great, but what is it?
The offices of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Office for Public Integrity (OPI) were designed to safeguard and enhance confidence in the integrity of public administration in South Australia. But just what is this ‘integrity’ we are to safeguard and enhance?

Why you should sweat the small stuff
Understanding the moral code and dishonesty.

2015 - 2016

Where is the integrity line?
Research tells us that the vast majority of people are disinclined to steal money from their social club chocolate box. However, they might occasionally help themselves to a chocolate. Are these two actions different?

The problem of maladministration
Dealing with maladministration is possibly more important than corruption because maladministration is more prevalent than corruption, it can cause more damage than corruption, and it is a breeding ground where corruption opportunities can be found and exploited.

Why should you report corruption?
Corruption in public administration affects all of us. It takes trust out of the system, it takes money out of the system and eventually it makes all of us a little less safe and secure.

Recruitment - What could possibly go wrong?
There are many risks inherent in the recruitment process, which if not well managed, can turn out to be costly and have far reaching ramifications for an agency.

Rationalising wrongdoing
The majority of people have at some stage in their lives done something that they knew to be wrong, yet their perception of themselves as an upstanding citizen, employee or friend is not challenged by this.

Cab charges - What could possibly go wrong?
Cab charges have currency. Public authorities must have clear policies on how cab charges can be used, in addition to good governance measures to assure that they are not being misused.