Thursday 9 December is International Anti-Corruption Day. This year’s theme is ‘Your Right, Your Role: Say no to corruption’.

But do we really need a special day to say no to corruption? Shouldn’t we say no to corruption every day?

Corruption in public administration, regardless of how big or how small, is always a bad thing because it erodes trust in public institutions.

The public need to have confidence that public services are delivered in a fair and ethical way and for the benefit of the community. When this doesn’t happen, it is the community that will suffer.

Keeping public administration free of corruption is a job we all share and it is really important that you speak up if you notice irregularities or impropriety in your workplace or other public agencies.

Put simply, all public officers must conduct themselves with integrity and if they do not, they should be held accountable.

International Anti-Corruption Day is a timely reminder to speak up. Report suspicions of corruption to the Office for Public Integrity or phone (08) 8201 1777.

Misconduct and maladministration in South Australian public administration can be reported to the Ombudsman SA  or phone (08) 8226 8699.