The Commissioner is responsible for her office.

She is supported by an executive team, and dedicated and hardworking employees.

The organisation is guided by the Commissioner's Strategic Plan 2021-2024.

Our Vision

A state in which public institutions insist on the highest standards of integrity.

Our Purpose

Preserve and promote integrity in public administration through the investigation of corruption in public administration and proactive prevention and educational initiatives.

Our Values

ICAC values are independence, respect, excellence, integrity, accountability and collaboration

Our Strategic Priorities

Strive for best practice

  • Apply sound methods
  • Exercise good judgement
  • Use information and data to direct the development of prevention initiatives

Challenge and learn

  • Constantly challenge our practices

Monitor performance

  • Set organisational performance targets
  • Seek feedback from stakeholders

Insist on high standards

  • Proactive performance management

Promote diversity, inclusiveness and fairness in the workplace

  • Embrace diversity to improve performance
  • Maintain excellence in recruitment
  • Implement workplace integrity charter

Maintain a culture built on organisational values

  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Independence
  • Integrity

Strengthen partnerships

  • Develop or enhance information sharing
  • Harness opportunities for joint activities

Develop or facilitate development of data driven education initiatives

  • Contribute to the development of education programs by other agencies

Measure and increase our impact

  • Assess our impact
  • Strengthen effectiveness

Enhance efficiency and effectiveness

  • Invest in our people
  • Invest in our systems

Share our knowledge

  • Reporting externally
  • Briefing public authorities

Identify opportunities to maximise timeliness

  • Remove or reduce barriers to efficiency

Strengthen our use of data

  • A new strategic intelligence unit

Our Commitment to Diversity, Access and Inclusion

The Commissioner is committed to access and inclusion for every person who works in or interacts with her organisation.

The Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2020-24 details the Commissioner’s intention to deliver tangible access and inclusion outcomes over the next four years. The Plan includes strategies to support equitable access to premises, events and facilities; information and communication; and employment.

The Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2020-24 articulates the Commissioner’s commitment to understand, build and be accountable for diversity and inclusion within her organisation. The Strategy establishes diversity and inclusion goals across six diversity streams: gender identity, LGBTIQ+, disability, Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultural and linguistic diversity, and age diversity.

Our Organisational Structure

Organisational structure August 2022