The Commissioner must publish an annual report on the operations of the Commissioner and the Office for Public Integrity.

The Commissioner’s annual report provides information about the activities of the ICAC and the OPI, including achievements, challenges and financial performance.

The annual report must be completed by 30 September in each year and provided to the President of the Legislative Council and the Speaker of the House of Assembly. The President and Speaker are required to table the report on the first sitting day after having received it.

The report will be published on the Commissioner’s website after it has been tabled in Parliament.

ICAC & OPI 2019-20 - Annual Report

ICAC & OPI 2019-20 - Financial Statements

Previous annual reports

ICAC & OPI Annual Report - 2018-19

ICAC & OPI Annual Report - 2017-18

ICAC & OPI Annual Report - 2016-17

ICAC & OPI Annual Report - 2015-16

ICAC & OPI Annual Report - 2014-15

ICAC & OPI Annual Report - 2013-14

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