Public institutions should be reliable, fair and trustworthy. The people who work for those institutions must be diligent, honest and ethical. If they are not, they should be held accountable.

The online form will guide you through the process of reporting corruption, misconduct or maladministration.

The form does not have a save option so it is important to gather all relevant information before you get started.

Some things you might consider:

  • Are you clear about who and what you are making a complaint or report about?
  • Can you provide names and positions of people involved in the conduct?
  • Can you provide names of people who may also have information about the conduct?
  • Can you provide details about the conduct including when and where it happened and when you became aware of it?
  • Do you have information about any documented evidence?
  • Has this matter been reported elsewhere and do you know the outcome?



If you cannot use the online form you can download and complete a hardcopy form.

OPI - Police complaint form

OPI - Public integrity complaint & report form

You can make a public interest disclosure in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2018 (PID Act).


If you are deaf, or are hearing or speech impaired, you can contact us through the National Relay Service.

TTY users phone 1300 555 677 then ask for 8207 1777.

Speak and Listen users phone 1300 555 727 then ask for 8207 1777.

Internet relay users connect to the National Relay Service website and then ask for 8207 1777.

If you do not speak English, you can contact us through the Interpreting and Translating Centre on 1800 280 203.

ICAC Interpreting services brochure

If you feel stressed when reporting to the OPI, we encourage you to seek support, either through your agency (if you are a public officer) or via private providers including:

You cannot publish information about a complaint or report unless the Commissioner authorises you to do so. This includes that you have made a complaint or report, the identity of a person who is the subject of a complaint or report, or any other information that you become aware of as a result of a complaint or report being assessed, referred or investigated under the ICAC Act.

Likewise your identity as a complainant or reporter must not be published without the Commissioner’s authorisation.

  • You must not make a false or misleading statement in a complaint or report.
  • You must not attempt to prevent someone from making a complaint or report.
  • You must comply with confidentiality requirements.

Penalties apply.