The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, the Hon. Ann Vanstone QC, has today published a report to remind South Australia’s public officers of their obligation to appropriately deal with conflicts of interest.

The report — Identify, Disclose and Manage: Conflicts of Interest in Public Administration — has been prompted by a number of past ICAC investigations, as well as matters referred to agencies for investigation.

“My review of all these investigations has convinced me there is good reason to remind all public officers of the need to identify, disclose and manage conflicts of interest,” Commissioner Vanstone says.

“There should be open and regular discussion with public officers about how to deal effectively with conflicts of interest.”

Intended as general advice for the State’s diverse cohort of public officers, the report outlines how public officers should best identify, disclose and manage their conflicts of interest, and details some of the important functions of public administration at risk of being undermined when conflicts are poorly handled. These include procurement, staff recruitment, contract management, and the engagement of consultants and contractors.

Identify, Disclose and Manage: Conflicts of Interest in Public Administration is published on the ICAC website –

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