In responding to the Commissioner’s Public Integrity Survey 2018, local government staff and elected members have provided valuable insight into the integrity culture of local government.

Local Government Integrity Insights is the third report resulting from the Public Integrity Survey 2018.

Commissioner Lander said “survey responses from local government participants were often more favourable than responses from the sample as a whole”. However, the report indicates that many challenges remain for the sector and that poor reporting cultures exist amongst South Australian Councils.

“Local government participants expressed considerable dissatisfaction with internal reporting processes,” Commissioner Lander said.

“There was a common theme surrounding the inadequacy of protections offered to those who wanted to make a report, together with fear and anxiety about doing so.

“As I have said publicly on many occasions there should be no risk to those who speak up about perceived corruption and inappropriate conduct.

“Public officers who are willing to speak up should be applauded and not be the subject of adverse discrimination.”

The Commissioner made a recommendation that all elected members and leaders of councils read the report to consider what improvements can be made to individual councils. There is a need for local government to ensure their organisation fosters a culture where staff feel safe and secure enough to raise issues of corruption and inappropriate conduct.

The report, Local Government Integrity Insights: A Third Report from the ICAC Public Integrity Survey 2018, is available online.

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