Royal Adelaide Hospital

In 2022, the Commission evaluated the Central Adelaide Local Health Network’s complaints management and investigation functions.

In the report, published in November 2022, the Deputy Commissioner said staff confidence in an agency’s complaints and internal investigation handling process is a barometer of an agency’s culture.

He noted: ‘Where employees do not report, behaviours that are inappropriate continue and systems and processes that allow the behaviour to take root remain unchanged.’

The Commission made 25 recommendations to improve and strengthen the Network’s complaint, investigatory and disciplinary process management. Among those, the Commission recommended the Network provide more information to complainants about the outcomes of investigations, and reinforce its lack of tolerance for bullying and harassment.

The Network has committed to implement the recommendations. That work will add to the important reforms commenced in response to former Commissioner, the Hon. Bruce Lander KC’s report, Troubling Ambiguity: Governance in SA Health.