Statement by the Hon. Ann Vanstone QC
Independent Commissioner Against Corruption

Late on Friday 4 September 2020, I wrote to the solicitors acting for each of the Honourable Terrence Stephens MLC, Mr Fraser Ellis MP and Mr Adrian Pederick MP.

I advised that in each case I had determined to continue the investigation commenced by my predecessor, the Honourable Bruce Lander QC. Nonetheless, I advised that in each case I withdrew the Notices issued on 5 August 2020 under the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012 requiring them to produce documents. However, I asked that each of them voluntarily provide a narrower group of documents.

In the cases of Mr Stephens and Mr Pederick the documents I sought relate to proof of their places of residence at relevant times. For Mr Ellis, the documents go to his incurring actual expenditure during nights he stayed in Adelaide and also to demonstrate a requirement that he be in Adelaide on the occasions when claims were made. These documents could take various forms.

The solicitors have today advised that all three of their clients have agreed to provide documents to me as soon as practicable.

In the case of Mr Ellis, an issue of parliamentary privilege might still arise, depending on what documents he discloses.

I make this statement to clarify the current position with respect to these three parliamentarians.

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The publication of this information has been authorised by the Commissioner under section 56 of the ICAC Act.

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